As a user of this website, you acknowledge that any use of this website including any transactions you make are subject to our terms and conditions below and supersede all others. Receipt of acknowledgement of an order by you, constitutes your acceptance of our conditions and that they are the only conditions that apply to the contract. 




1a. VAT is added where applicable at the current rate as at date on the invoice. This will be added where applicable, when you place an order. 

1b. As the prinitng does changes on regular basis, Any quotes given on any of our products are valid for 14 days.


Artwork & Design

2a. Title - ownership of goods or products shall not pass to the Customer until full payment is received.

2b. Minimum artwork charge - There will be a minimum artwork/design charge of £10 for any work undertaken. If you require a specific artwork/design quote please email

2c. Illegal matter - We will not process any matter, which in our opinion is or may be of an illegal or libelous nature or an infringement of the proprietary or other rights of any third party. We shall be indemnified by the Customer in respect of any claims, costs and expenses arising out of any libelous matter or any infringement of copyright, patent, design or of any other proprietary or personal rights contained in any material processed for the Customer. The indemnity shall extend to any amounts paid on a lawyers advice in settlement of any claim.


Payment Terms

3a. Payment shall be made in full before going to print, unless special payment terms have been agreed by us in writing. 

3b. Overdue accounts - Any Invoices not settled within the agreed credit terms, Print Baby reserves the right to charge interest on the overdue amount debt at 8% base rate at the time and an administration fee to cover our debt recovery costs. We require payment to terms. Payment must be made on time, in full, and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim. In the event that an account is outstanding, we will refer the matter to our debt collection gcompany, which will incur costs any costs incurred to collect the debt will be added to the debt, plus VAT at the prevailing rate. You agree that you will be legally liable to pay us that surcharge, and that payment of the same can be enforced against you in court. You also agree to pay interest at the relevant reference rate provided for under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, which interest is payable both after and before any judgment of the court and continues to accrue.


Turnaround Time

4a. All turnaround times are based on working days (Monday to Friday) and exclude all public holidays. The printing turnaround time starts from the day, when paid for and a proof has been confirmed via email to the Artwork Team. All orders confirmed and paid for before 12pm will begin production the same working day. If the order is confirmed and paid for after 12pm the first day of the turnaround time will be the following working day. All turnaround times quoted are a typical turnaround and are not guaranteed unless confirmed to you in writing. Turnaround times can vary depending on backlogs and order specification. 

4b. For multiple item orders, the turnaround time will be the same as the item which has the longest turnaround time.

4c. Our free turnaround time is 5-10 working days but not always, things go as planned so the maximum delivery time we promise is 14 working days. We cannot guarantee any time or date before then unless you use our 3-6 working days or 1-3 working days speedy delivery services.



5a. We will use our best endeavors to dispatch all orders within the typical working day turnaround time and all dispatch/delivery dates shall be regarded at best as estimates only unless confirmed to you in writing. As the purchaser you must accept the actual delivery date and we shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages or expenses suffered by you the purchaser or any other party as a result of any delay in delivery. Especially in cases where third parties i.e. subcontractors or carriers are involved. Neither will any such failure to meet a delivery date constitute a breach of contract on our part.

5b. Accepting Delivery by Carrier - Your purchase will be checked before packing and will leave us in good condition. It will then be fully insured whilst in transit to you. However it is a condition of the insurance contract, and therefore your responsibility to ensure that you, or anyone receiving goods on your behalf, check all goods delivered by carrier before signing for and accepting them. If any damage is found, you must sign and mark the carriers delivery note as 'damaged' and report the complaint to us within 24hrs of delivery. If the delivery note has been signed for as 'accepted in good condition', or similar you will be in breach of this contract and be effectively invalidating the insurance. As a result you will have waived all right to claim for any repair or replacement.

5c. Please note that we can not accept responsibility for any failure on the part of any courier or delivery service used to delivery goods nor can we accept any consequential loss incurred by the customer by any action or inaction on the 

part of Print Baby or any agent acting on behalf of Print Baby.

5d. International Delivery: Any parcels leaving the EU are subject to customs clearance and tax and duty charges.


Cancellation / Refund

6a. As each Print Baby product is custom made to each customer's order we unfortunately cannot offer a refund. If your order does not match your order please contact us so that we can arrange returning your products and re-print your order.

6b. Please remember that whilst we endeavour to make sure your product is as accurate as possible quantities and paper weights are subject to a 10% margin of error. Print sizes are subject to 3mm margin of error on each edge. 

6c. Order cancellation requests must be made to us in writing but your order can only be cancelled before it has been released for printing.


Order Variation

7a. We shall be deemed to have fulfilled our contract by delivery of a quantity within 10% plus or minus of the quantity of printed goods ordered.

7b. We print using standard weight inks and as such minor colour variation may occur beyond our control and as such will have no liability for.



8a. All complaints shall be made via email within 5 working days of receipt of goods or such goods shall be deemed to comply as to quality and quantity within the terms of the contract. 

8b. After reporting a complaint, samples must be received within 5 working days for investigation otherwise it shall be deemed that you have widthdrawn your complaint.

8c. Claims in respect of non-delivery must be made in writing within 5 working days from dispatch. 


Limitations On Liability

We shall have no liability:-

9a. for defective products and/or services where the defect has been caused or contributed to by you or where is has been caused or contributed to by any Free Issue Materials and/or masters provided by you and/or arising from any drawing, design or specification supplied by you.

9b. to you if the price for the products and/or the services has not been paid in full by the due date for payment.

9c. to you if problems with defective products are not reported to us within 5 working days from the day you received the products.

9d. to you for defective products and/or services, products not dispatched or products damaged or lost in transit unless the event is notified to us within (5 working days).

9e. for damage, loss, liability, claims, costs or expenses caused or contributed to by your continued use of defective products and/or services after a defect has become apparent or suspected or should reasonably have become apparent to you.

9f. Unless you give us reasonable opportunity to remedy any matter for which we are liable before you incur any costs and/or expenses in remedying the matter yourself. If you do not do so we shall have no liability to you.

9g. If we have included any items in products supplied which are incorrect and/or we have failed to include any items in products supplied which should have been included then we shall have no liability for such error except to rectify the error and reimburse you for the cost of returning the defective products to us for us to rectify the error.

9h. We shall have no liability to you for any: 

- Consequential losses; 

- Loss of profits and/or damage to goodwill; 

- Economic and/or other similar losses; 

- Special damages and indirect losses; and/or 

- business interruption, loss of business, contracts, opportunity and/or production.

9i. Force majeure - We will not be liable for breach of contract arising from or caused by, directly or indirectly, force majeure, war, strikes, riots and civil commotions and natural disasters.